Casa Martelletti, Vermouth Classico Torino Dry - Spirits

Ingredient:  100% Moscato

Alcohol %: 18                                                                         

Distillation Tank: Copper

Aging Tank: Stainless Steel

Length of Aging Before Bottling: Over 6 Months

Tasting Notes: This Dry Vermouth has sweet coriander aromas with citrus fruits and hints of juniper, elderberry flower, and rosemary. Has a lower PH level than other vermouth to allow the flavors to come out and be enjoyed to the fullest.

Fun Fact:  Casa Martelletti Vermouth Classico is the oldest known produced vermouth from Piedmont. The recipe hails from the 1700s and can be viewed in a museum in Cocconato, Italy. Vermouths were originally used for medicinal purposes, but now can be enjoyed as aperitifs or in classic and innovative cocktails alike.

This award-winning Dry Vermouth has been classified with the highest appellation of di Torino based on higher alcohol content, origination from Piedmont, and flavored mainly with Artemisia along with other herbs and spices.

Food Pairing: Excellent as an aperitif and marry excellent with gin, whisky, and cider.

Tasting Notes