Classico Wines has been founded by Dario Soldan. Italian born, coming from the area in Italy famous for its passion for wines, Veneto. Dario came many years to USA to bring his experience and entrepreneur spirit.
After many years in the US East Coast, he discovered the beauty and the wilderness of Arizona and he decided to pursue his passion to evangelize the Arizona community about wines and especially Italian wines. Classico Wines began to import and distribute the best Italian wines to a lot of stores and restaurants and after a while, Classico became a referral point not only for Italian wineries, but for wineries all around the world.
Classico staff is wine lovers only.
Every Friday all the Classico team joins a events where the whole team taste new wines and decide all together which wines add to its catalogues.
Classico must believe in any and each of the wines distributed being the first and best promoter of those wines among its customers
If we don’t think that wine deserves to be on your store or tables, it will not

Dario Soldan, Director