Langhe Rosso - Stefano Farina

Varietal60% Nebbiolo, 40% Barbera                             Elevation: 

Appellation:  D.O.C. Langhe                                          Production

Alcohol %: 14                                                           Acidity: 

Residual Sugar:                                                      ph:

Tasting Notes:
A wine of great complexity with notes of large and small red fruits (from cherry to currant), black fruits (blueberry and other berries). Spicy flavors due to its passage in wood. Great softness and volume at taste, pleasant tannic with a very pleasant hint of bitterness at the end.

Minimum 6 months in French oak barriques and 2 months in bottle before selling.

Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation conducted with innovative techniques and carried out at a controlled temperature.

Food Pairing : Beef, Game (deer, venison), Lamb, Veal, Mature and hard cheeses.


Tasting Notes