Moscato d' Asti - Stefano Farina

Varietal: 100% white moscato                            
Elevation: 150-400 m

Soil: Sandstone and clay

Appellation: Piemonte, Italy                              
Alcohol %:  5


Tasting Notes
This is amongst the oldest vineyards in Piedmont, and was well known
also by ancient Romans. It’s the typical noble vineyards, very sensitive to climate. A careful and wise dosage of all elements is essential during the process of ageing, however short. A sweet flavour and scented bouquet make this bubbly wine a fresh and easy alternative to heavier wines.

Process carried out in stainless steel vats

Gentle pressing of grapes, refrigeration and filtration. Fermentation carried out at a controlled temperature

Food Pairing:
Dessert such as cakes, Christmas pudding, ice cream, fruit tarts and fresh fruit.

Tasting Notes