Veglio Grappa di Barolo - Spirits

ABV   42%

Tasting Notes:
This Grappa di Barolo is made by distilling the pomace (grape and grape seed oil) of grapes grown in the area of the Barolo wine. The grappa is then poured into barrels where it remains for two years. It is then transferred to oak barrels or oak tonneaus to complete the aging process. Grappa di Barolo has aromas and flavors derived from oak where it matured.

Available  in  750ml

Veglio Tonic
2 oz  Grappa Barolo
8 oz tonic water
Lemon and ice
Fill a low tumbler with Ice Cube or an Ice Ball, add the Grappa Barolo Veglio, the tonic water, a squeeze of lemon juice.  Stir. Garnish with a slice of lemon.

G & G
1½ oz  Veglio  Grappa Barolo
3 oz  Ginger Ale
1  Squeezed Lime Wedge
5 dashes  Vanilla Bitters

Pour ingredients into glass/ Stir/ Garnish with lime wedge

Tasting Notes