Champagne Brut - Champagne - Chateau Borsault

Varietal:  35/35/30 blend of the region’s traditional varieties—pinot noir, pinot meunier, and chardonnay,

Soil: Chalk, limestone and fossilized seashells,                   

Elevation:                                                     Practice:                                      

Dosage:  7 cl / 750ml                                            Acidity:   gr / liter

Appellation: Champagne                                    Production: cs

Alcohol %:  12.5                                            ph: 

Residual Sugar: 16 gr / liter                             Acidity:   gr / liter                       

Tasting Notes:
Bright and clear, straw gold in color. The effervescence is wonderfully delicate with light and swirling columns of bubbles.
The nose is expressive and fresh; it opens with aromas of white blossom (hawthorn) leading into superbly fruit-driven elegance with notes of white peach and apricot, as well as hints of citrus and pastries.
On the palate, the texture of the wine is seductive, both fresh and supple, well balanced. The aromas develop with more concentrated notes of candied pear and acacia honey. The finish is rich and persistent.

Food Pairing:  Magnificent with a generous aperitif, and equally delicious throughout a meal. It is particularly enhanced with seafood and grilled fish.



Tasting Notes