Meletti Anisette - Spirits

Meletti Anisette is the result of slow, evaporative distillation and the quality of the anise (Pimpinella Anisum) that is grown in the clay soil near Ascoli Piceno. It is an exceptionally flavorful liqueur.

ABV   34%

Tasting Notes:
Anisette is clear, smooth, and licorice flavored with a warming finish.

During distillation, Meletti discards the first and last portions of the distillate that contains the elements of bitterness. They keep only the “heart”, or the middle portion, to ensure that the flavors are concentrated and consistent. Once distilled at proof, a second distillation of other spices is added. The liqueur is then transferred to 10,000 liter tanks for 4 months of aging.

After Dinner In Brokliyn
1 oz Sobieski Espresso Vodka
1/2 oz Meletti Anisette
1/2 oz Whole milk
Combine all ingredients into shaker with ice. Shake vigorously until frappe consistency and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with 3 coffee beans, shaved dark chocolate, or both.

Wine Enthusiast - 90 pts BEST BUY

Tasting Notes