Zinfandel - Sentall

Varietal:  100% Zinfandel

Total Acidity gr/Lt                                                              Production:  344 cs                  

Appellation:   Napa Valley                                    

Alcohol %: 14.8                                                             T.A:  

Soil:                                                                            Ph:                                         

Tasting Notes:  
The Sentall Zinfandel is sourced from a number of the remaining small Zinfandel vineyards spread throughout the Napa Valley. Intense spice, leather, and a hint of oak and cedar on the nose followed by ripe rich blackberry and dark cherry with subtle white pepper flavors.

Aging:  18 months; French Oak

Food Pairing:  Chiles, ribs with a spicy barbecue sauce are considered almost a classic match. 


Tasting Notes