Touraine - Marquis de Goulaine

Varietal:  100% Sauvignon Blanc


Elevation:                                                                 Production:

Residual Sugar: gr / liter                                                  Ph:                                                   

Dry Extract:  gr / liter                                                        

Appellation:  Touraine AOP                                                            Practice:        

Alcohol %:  12,5                                                        Acidity:   gr / lt                                                                                                 

Tasting Notes:  
Clear and shiny with a straw yellow tending towards golden, on the nose is expressive with floral notes, exotic fruits and citrus aromas with a hint of green plant. On the palate its fresh and round initially, very crisp. Aromatic with citrus (lime, grapefruit) and box tree notes.

Food Pairing :   Green vegetables (asparagus, zucchini, fresh peas, artichokes) Oysters. Delicate fish like sole. Fresh herbs.





Tasting Notes