Caffe Espresso - Santa Marta

Ingredient:  Coffee and Neutral Spirit

Alcohol %: 25                                                                         

Distillation Tank: Copper

Aging Tank: Stainless Steel

Length of Aging Before Bottling: Over 7 Months

Tasting Notes: The nose is alluring, with notes of espresso coffee, roasted aromas, and hints of vanilla. The palate is rich with espresso coffee flavor and a sweet aftertaste.

Fun Fact:  Coffee liqueurs are produced in several parts of the world, but Espresso Liqueurs are intrinsically Italian. The Espresso was born during the 1884 Exhibition in Piemonte. Premium quality Espresso coffee liqueurs are made of 100% natural ingredients. Our rapid extraction exalts and concentrates the aromas and fragrance of the coffee.

Food Pairing:  Perfect with ice cream, sorbet, and tiramisu. Excellent in mixed cocktails.

Tasting Notes